Bob The Snail is a unique animation created by Josh Brown (aka my G Josh) which took the world by storm in 2018 and continued to gain popularity through 2019. The first episode aired on Instagram on 7th November 2018 and episodes continued to be released up until 15 December 2019, when episode 24, the last episode of series one, aired.

On 11th June 202, a season 2 was announced and the first episode “the Quarantine Special part 1” aired the next day.

The basis of the series is this: a snail without a shell named Bob goes on many adventures with his friends, and has to fight bad guys such as the Dump-Truck pirate. His many adventures range from going to space, battling pirates, getting married and time travelling!

To watch the Bob The Snail videos, search ‘Bob The Snail Animations’ on Youtube or follow @my_g_josh on Instagram.

Note: many of the pages on this Wiki contain spoilers for the Bob The Snail episodes.

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